Meta for Business - Why It Works

DirectorMichael Kortlander
Executive ProducerHope Farley

We invited 10 social agencies to share their best performing Meta ad of all time.

The Ask

Tasked with developing a new series to expand the Meta for Business audience to include  marketing professionals and executives and reinforce that Meta products are the best place to spend their ad dollars.

In the ad spend realm, data reigns supreme. Paid media analysts play a pivotal role in media plan recommendations and budget allocation. They analyze campaign results, engage with clients, and offer actionable insights on what’s working. Nobody is better qualified to talk about the considerable impact of ad spend on Meta for Business.

Our Approach

We developed a campaign to call out the effectiveness of specific Meta tools and products in a credible and engaging way. This series features a respected ad agency media analyst who interacts with high performing Meta ads as each plays in real time, providing insight into why it works so well.